Saturday, December 22, 2018

Time To Shine || Christmas 2018

’Tis the season to shine, and over the past year I've added significantly to my vintage Christmas treasures, so without further introduction, it's time to embrace the joys of the season and brighten up!

Instead of saving the best for last, here is my splurge of the season, purchased from an online auction site – an Aluminum Taper 4-ft. "Pom Pon" Tree. It's truly special because it arrived complete with its original box, metal tripod stand, snap-on foil discs, packing and instructions.

For a long time, I considered aluminum trees a bit too minimalist for my tastes, but tastes change, and having the pom-pom branches really ups the Dr. Seuss-Meets-The Jetsons appeal, giving it a really fun, whimsical look. This tree is displayed in my home office, where in past years I've had a 2-ft. silver tree on my Saarinen table. This one anchors the space much more dramatically.

The foil snap-on discs at the end of the pom-poms are reversible, with gold on one side and blue on the other. I mixed them up, though next year I may do just the gold sides.

Even the cardboard box is cool with its atomic star design. It probably dates to late 1950s/early 1960s...

Aluminum tree box side.
It was hard to make out, but the top of the box (not pictured) has a Pennsylvania address,
so it most likely originated from there.

I have an abundant supply of vintage ornaments, but I decided to use my tri-tone collections for this tree, including this box of Shiny Brites I found this past November at the Cambridge Antiques Market...

I also found the friendly pixie elf, who has poseable arms and legs.

Also new this year in my office... a melted plastic popcorn Santa, displayed on the closet door. This is another vintage holiday item I often deemed too tacky, but I guess I was feeling nostalgic for the 70s and changed my mind.
My other new friend for 2018 is Ruby, my sequined red poodle from Cambridge Antiques. She sits obediently on my new white radiator cover next to my decoupaged lamp.
I'm Ruby.
Fetching, don't you think?

Moving on to my living room, I have another new tree... a small tabletop Tiffany-style lamp I found on one of my visits to Provincetown this year. It looks especially festive on my fireplace mantel.

This mini English plate is also displayed on my fireplace mantel for the first time this year – perfect with its cozy Christmas scene...
I decorated with all C7 lights this year, using all white for my real 7-ft. Christmas tree.
I used my large plastic red bell cluster for the top, with twinkle lights, of course.

I used C7 figural lights for the fireplace mantel, including this lantern I found at Cambridge Antiques this year for $4.

This is one of two C7 white biscuit bubble lights I found at Stratford Antiques this past November.
(The pink and gold glass ornament on the left was always on our tree growing up, from Woolworth's.)

This shows my entire fireplace decorated for the season. The two outdoor plastic coach lanterns I found at the Brimfield Antiques show this past July.

This year, I displayed a lot of my vintage Christmas original boxes, putting a group of them inside my fireplace surrounding the light-up Santa. Some of the box graphics are really fun and colorful, don't you think?

A Shiny Bright & Peaceful Christmas to all...
And to all a good night.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Old Radiator Upgrade Project

Like every other room in my condo, the home office has an old radiator in one of the corners. I got tired of looking at the old chipping paint, and instead of repainting, I decided to order a new metal radiator cover online in a clean, matte white finish.

Because it's a somewhat unusual taller size, I had to order a custom size cover, which took about five to six weeks to ship from the midwest.

The cover shipped flat in a cardboard box with instructions to put it together. The only tools needed were pliers and screwdrivers. It was a bit tricky, but only took about an hour or so. I think it's a definite improvement, and having an extra shelf to display more art objects is most welcome.

Radiator before

Radiator after
In addition to covering the radiator,
it also covers most of the wall's chipping paint.

Radiator with decor.
I look and feel much better now.

It's Showtime! Paranormal Provincetown Weekend

This was the first year I celebrated Halloween weekend in Provincetown, and despite a deluge of rain, it did not disappoint. As expected, crazy-clever costumes and diabolical decor were in abundance.

Though difficult to explain without photos, two of my favorite costumes were the four guys dressed as beach umbrellas, and the guys dressed in pink baseball uniforms from A League Of Their Own.
I didn't get to see much indoor decor, but many of the homes and shops on the outside transformed themselves into something fun and creepy...

A mildly creepy, classic New England facade.

Spooks are everywhere.
White heads with giant spider

Nightmare On Commercial Street

We have come for your art.

The BIG Bad Wolf

Just plain BAD.
Please pop this toxic balloon!

Giant beetle and black cat

Giant dynamic spider duo

The Spiritus in all of us

Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice!

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Orange You Glad October Is Here? It's So Spooktacular!

The season of the witch, jack-o-lantern, skeleton and owl brings with it autumn's earthy hues of burnt orange, caramel, rust red, avocado green, dirt brown – and, of course, every shadow of black.

Though the height of outdoor antiquing has passed, there are always new finds waiting at indoor venues, like one of my favorite vintage clothing emporiums in Cambridge, MA. A recent visit yielded a few fall finds, one of which I've already worn quite a few times: this must-have suede/knit sweater jacket or swacket...

The combination of genuine suede and acrylic knit is totally unique, and best of all, it fits me perfectly. The only thing I wish it had was at least one inside pocket, but it just has the two front hand-warmer pockets.

The back is mostly ribbed knit, except for the yoke at the top.

Back view. This photo is enhanced so it looks darker.
The first photo is truer to its actual color.

I also like the front's two vertical lines of cable knit and how the knit collar is framed with suede.

Here are closer looks at the tag. I'm not sure how old this piece is, though I'd guess 1970s. The inside lining and front zipper might be more recent updates, but I can't be sure.

I also found the perfect Thanksgiving sweater in warm knit virgin acrylic.

I like the combination of patterns, as well as the contrast brown ribbed hem, sleeve cuffs and unusual collar.

The original inside tag says Karson Sportswear De Luxe. This fancier tag suggests it might actually be from the 1960s, but I can't be sure.

The third clothing item I found is this saturated green button-front shirt with two chest pockets.

This might be from the 60s as well, based on its fancy inside tag, though the larger collar suggests 1970s.


Now for the spooky stuff...

Every year, my Halloween decor seems to expand, inching closer in scope to what I do for the Christmas season.

For example, this year's living room fireplace display is more elaborate than ever, with the addition of two glass jack-o-lantern votive candle holders, two mini bales of hay with votives on top, and the two vintage railroad lanterns (from my Dad's garage) sitting on top of a larger bale of hay.

This is the black wrought iron corner, complete with hanging lantern from Austin, TX (from this past March), five-candle floor candelabra, new art easel (from a local home store) and fruit motif gate (from Brimfield) leaning against the wall. The only item here that's from last year is the floor candelabra.

Also new this year is this 3-ft. black Halloween tree. Some of the glass ornaments are new, too.

Spooky Halloween tree.
The orange Edison lights are from Target.

I also bought a pair of black window candelabras from Target, with flickering flame bulbs. These help to counteract the brightness of the tree's large orange lights.

These two large black and white skull plates are also new this year...

I couldn't resist this spooky light-up pillow, also new for 2018...

Here's proof that you don't have to spend much to update your decor. These new paper wall hangings are from the dollar store...

Call me Jack.

Call me Frank.


On a recent visit to Connecticut, I visited the charming historic town of Old Wethersfield and took a few seasonal snapshots.

Had a Wicked – or is that Wiccan? – good time in Old Wethersfield.

Rogue skeletons and spiders, oh my!

Have a Spooktacular Helloween!